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4 Concrete Projects You Can Perform Without Needing A Professional

Concrete is a basic material for crafting and it is quite popular too. There are so many things that you can do with concrete that it blows your mind. Moreover, the process is so satisfying that all youtube videos that you might have watched to please your inner soul must have had some concrete projects. Although professionals offer intricate work in this field, there is nothing stopping you. All you need are concrete supplier melbourne and you will have projects of your own taking up your leisure time and giving you inner satisfaction.

Without further delay, let us dive into some of the projects that you can handle without a professional.


Vases provide the elegance to a home decor like flowers add beauty to a garden. However, the designer vases do not come at a cheap price. They break at the slightest touch and are extremely delicate around young kids. You do not need those expensive vases anymore when you can make some on your own. All you need is a bottle and wet concrete. Make the bottle a mold and cut off its bottom part for an aesthetic effect. Remove excess concrete and let it dry, you will have yourself a chic vase.

Garden stones

Garden stones are hard rocks that look aesthetically pleasing lying near the grass and around a small waterfall. It is the primary beauty of your backyard and you can make these charms without needing a professional. The concrete suppliers can easily hook you up with concrete. However, you will need a mold to shape the stone. This is where your creativity can take charge. You can design your mold a certain way or you can put decoration pieces inside the concrete. It will lift up your garden stones from mundane to unique. Do let your stones rest in the mold for three days until it hardens.

Kitchen renovations

Who says you cannot put up a small renovation in your house? With concrete, you can do just that. You can renovate your kitchens and your years old countertops with the help of concrete. All you need to do is clear up the surface of the countertop and apply a fresh coat of concrete over the slab. And within hours, you will have yourself an attractive countertop. You can also design concrete stoves for when you need a different taste in your food. Furthermore, you can also design shelves using concrete blocks.

Fire pit

Nothing says welcome to a frostbite winter than a cozy fire pit. It can be placed within your dining room to make your house warm. Or it can be put outdoors when you need to enjoy a late, chilly evening with your friends and family with warm coffees and hot chocolates in your hands. The process is a bit more extensive than the other projects. But contacting your concrete suppliers will let you know what you need and how to manage the project.

Tender contracts: dangers in a nutshell and some practical advice for clients

It should be noted immediately that the contract is distinguished from the administration and, indirectly, the lawful contract is distinguished from the illegal one, due to the fact that in the first the business risk is incumbent on the contractor (i.e. on who renders the service) and the ‘ organization of the means necessary for performance of the contract.

This organization can also result – taking into account the current evolution of production systems, which can also be centered only on the rational management of the workforce – from the exercise of organizational and managerial power over the workers used in the contract.

We report a recent sentence of the Court of Milan which addressed the issue of the genuineness of the contract in an interesting case of logistics services (Court of Milan November 3, 2017, est. Lombardi).

In the present case it was specified that the organization of the means must be effective and substantial and can also be carried out by a genuine company. “Light” or “dematerialized” , in which the organization of the labor factor prevails over the capital, as long as it is suitable for satisfying the requirements set out in the contract.

In the case in question, as regards the existence of managerial and organizational power, it was found that:

  • most of the operations carried out in the contract were managed on the basis of predefined and codified IT processes;
  • the particular needs of the client, in relation to the quantities of work and processing times, could occasionally have an indirect impact on the shifts and the resources employed, the final choice of which, however, was the responsibility of the contractor;
  • sometimes there was a need to provide information on the part of the client about the terms, times and methods of carrying out the service but – according to the judge – in the absence of significant interference in the organization of the contractor.
  • The judge consequently ruled out that the fundamental nucleus of the organizational and managerial power over the workers used in the contract had remained with the client, thus affirming the genuineness of the contract.

International Procurement Rules to Reduce Disputes

International tenders (especially those relating to the construction of plants or infrastructures) are characterized by a high level of litigation and claiming is a very frequent constant, often for extra works, for requests for an extension of the delivery deadline, for requests for penalties for delays allegedly attributable to the Contractor (liquidated damages) or for the enforcement by the Client of the guarantees issued by the Contractor.

First of all, we must take note of the fact that contracts for the construction of infrastructures or industrial or production plants (which usually take the form of EPC -engineering, procurement and construction- or turnkey contracts), are generally very complex first of all for technical reasons related to the works to be performed (themselves very complex). Cultural reasons (think of the cultural and linguistic differences between the parties) increase the complexity of the contractual relationship between the parties.

For an overview of international procurement, our article International Procurement Agreement may also be of interest to you : what to negotiate before signing

The duration of these contracts is medium-long term (sometimes years) and this adds a further difficulty in the relationship between the client and the contractor both for the concrete possibility of changes to the initial conditions (think of the cost of labor or of raw materials) and because it is common for part of the management to change during a job order.

The rules of good project management are essential to bring a project to a successful conclusion and to minimize the risk of disputes.