Different Types of Storage Sheds

If you’re looking to place a shed on your property but are not sure about what kind of shed would look right, it is a good idea to find out what types of sheds are available. With sheds, it is essential to make sure you have ample room and check out the material it is made of to ensure that the shed will safely store all your things. It is also important to consider if the kind of shed you want will look right on your property and will blend in with the surroundings.


Types of sheds


If you want to go with an old-fashioned kind of barn look, a gambrel or barn shed might be what you’re looking for in a shed. These are not as big as barns but more mini in size with a roof style that has two different slopes. These proved lots of options for outdoor storage. The shed also provides extra overhead storage space.


– If you’re working with a budget, an economical choice for a backyard shed might be right for you. Gable sheds provide ample storage space for all of your gardening equipment and tools. This kind of shed has a classic design that fits into almost any backyard and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.


– A shed that is a little different from all the others is a lean-to or mono-slope shed. It has only one slope to the roof and allows for more storage and headspace at one end of the shed. The shed will also make sure the roof has protection from heavy weather like snow.


– Sheds with longer sloped roofs on the back and in the front shorter overhang roofs are saltbox or quaker sheds. These are kind of fashionable with windows and shutters. These sheds are great if you’re looking to combine outdoor storage space with style.


– Sheds that can vary in size are New England sheds and can be larger than the other sheds mentioned. They are designed with clean lines and provide ample storage. They look stylishly designed, and there is plenty of room in them for all the things you want to store away.




Metal is one of the most durable materials that sheds are made from and will last a long time. They can withstand all kinds of weather elements, but you do have to watch out for signs of rust.


Sheds that are made of wood offer a rustic kind of look to backyards. You have to be careful to make sure a wooden shed is properly constructed and maintained. Even though they also can withstand many weather elements, you have to be careful of rot. You can customize this type of shed by painting it or adding some decor.


The most common shed materials chosen are vinyl and plastic. These require less maintenance and are also economical. If you want added protection for your shed, you can add a layer of vinyl siding.  There are also sheds made totally from plastic but don’t have any customizing options.


So when you want to place a shed on your property, check to find a good space for it and see how large a shed it can occupy. Take a look at various sites online that have photos and measurements of sheds and make inquiries if necessary to get the right shed for your backyard.

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